Employees and Dependents, Candidates and Partners

1. Scope

In this Policy, we explain in a clear and transparent manner to natural persons who were or are Collaborators and their Dependents, Candidates and Partners from Viseu Advogados, what is done with the Personal Data we process. 

By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you thereby declare and agree that Viseu Advogados may process your Personal Data in accordance with the terms set out therein. 

2. Collected personal data

Viseu Advogados collects data from persons who were or are Collaborators and their Dependents, Candidates and Partners, under the following categories: 

  • Registration data (name, initials, corporate e-mail address, ID (RG), Taxpayer’s General Registration (CPF), marital status, date of birth, telephone number, address, profession, level of education, professional registration, signature, contact person, identification of the Collaborator and respective relative, position held, organization where he/she works and work schedule, degree of kinship between political exposed persons and the Collaborator, work portfolio, PIS, electoral card, military discharge certificate, gender, enrollment number, description of activities performed at the client (timesheet), dismissal date, admission date and changes in the position held, OAB, cost center, academic certificates, Dependents (name, date of birth, birth certificates, marriage or stable union certificate), overtime, age of spouse and children, passport, projects carried out, manager's name, driver’s license (CNH), publications (books, articles, newspapers, magazines), photos, CCTV images, videos; 
  • Financial data (salary, consigned loan, severance indemnity fund (FGTS) statement, Partners' credit card);
  • Sensitive data (biometrics, blood type, periodic occupational health and safety certificates (OHS) for admission, return to work and dismissal, disability certificate, medical certificate, physical disability, racial origin, union membership); and
  • Behavioral data (professional experience, competence evaluation).

3. How we use your personal data

Viseu Advogados uses your Personal Data for the following purposes: 

  • Hiring: recruitment, selection, admission, dismissal, granting of benefits for the Collaborator and Dependents, people management, professional development, corporate education, internal communication and contractual obligations; 
  • Identification of Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), including spouses/partners, stepchildren, relatives up to second degree in direct line of descent, for accreditation of the law firm to render services to clients and compliance with specific legislation; 
  • Publication of relevant cases in legal directories that offer research, legal analysis and highlight the best law firms and professionals; 
  • Expense and cost management;
  • Coordination of projects and work demands;
  • Security and control of physical access of Collaborators and third parties to the office premises;
  • Partner registration for the use of banking services;
  • Maintenance of the document custody to support legal, fiscal and business requirements;
  • Records of activities performed for fee calculation;
  • Strengthening the brand value through external communication and sponsored events;
  • Compliance with legal or regulatory requirements (e-Social, DIRF and   D-SUP Municipalities); and
  • Information security and business continuity plan. 

4. Sharing and transfer of personal data

Viseu Advogados may share the Personal Data referred to in the Policy with: 

  • Clients, for the accreditation process carried out when contracting services;
  • Companies that provide benefits to Partners, Collaborators and their Dependents, such as medical insurance, life insurance, private pension plans, transportation and meal vouchers;
  • Independent research and legal analysis companies for publication of relevant cases involving Viseu Advogados in legal directories;
  • Financial institutions for the use of banking services;
  • Teaching institutions and suppliers for professional development and corporate education;
  • Public authorities (judicial and extrajudicial), governmental entities, regulatory or fiscal agencies before which Viseu Advogados is subject to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation or in accordance with applicable local legislation;
  • Operating agents who process your personal data in accordance with instructions from Viseu Advogados:
    • Technology service providers;
    • Companies that promote the brand and agencies that organize events promoted by Viseu Advogados;
    • Specialized service providers for internal and external communication, such as translation of resumes, photography and filming;
    • Companies providing document storage services; and
    • Suppliers related to physical security whenever you access our offices. 

To ensure that your Personal Data remains secure, all companies that may act as Personal Data Operators are contractually obligated to comply with this Privacy Policy and to observe our internal standards of conduct with respect to privacy. Our internal policies and standards are also shared with our employees as part of our specific compliance program. 


5. Security of Personal Data

Viseu Advogados adopts the usual procedures and standards for physical, electronic and managerial security, including encryption and passwords as an effort to protect your Personal Data from unauthorized access and disclosure, as well as to prevent nuisance or unwanted communication (spam). However, please be aware that no company, including Viseu Advogados, can completely eliminate the security risks associated with the processing of Personal Data. 

The Personal Data we collect may be retained for as long as necessary to meet the legitimate business purposes of Viseu Advogados, including the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, or for a period of time specifically required or permitted by applicable law or regulation. 

6. Exercise of your rights

Viseu Advogados respects the rights that you have as the holder of personal data and enables you to exercise them in accordance with applicable law. 

Thus, you have the right to consent whether Viseu Advogados may process Personal Data concerning you and to access the Personal Data that you have provided to us or that we maintain about you. 

Viseu Advogados strives to ensure that the processing of Personal Data is in accordance with the law and respects the rights and interests of the holders of personal data. If you notice that Viseu Advogados keeps incomplete, inaccurate or outdated Personal Data, you have the right to request that they be corrected. Similarly, if you find that Viseu Advogados processes unnecessary or excessive Personal Data or that the processing is in breach of the law, you have the right to request the anonymization, blocking or deletion of the Personal Data object of the irregularity. 

In addition, you have the right to request information about the possibility of not giving consent and the consequences of such choice. If you have already given your consent previously, you have the right to revoke it and to request the elimination of the Personal Data whose processing has been authorized by such consent. 

Furthermore, you have the right to request clarification on how Viseu Advogados handles your Personal Data. Similarly, you have the right to request information about the entities with which Viseu Advogados has shared your Personal Data. 

If you wish for the Personal Data that Viseu Advogados keeps about you to be shared with another service provider, you have the right to request Viseu Advogados for its transferability. 

The exercise of the rights set forth above must be done via e-mail to In order to fulfill the above requests, we will employ every reasonable effort in the shortest time possible, but you should be aware that a delay may occur due to justifiable factors, such as the complexity of the request and rejection of your request for formal (for example, if you are unable to prove your identity) or legal reasons (for example, request for elimination of data that may be kept by force of law or regulation; request for a copy of a document that will only be provided if explicit consent is given; request for transferability due to the absence of specific regulations for the activity carried out by Viseu Advogados). 

If it is not possible to fulfill your request, Viseu Advogados will duly explain the reasons for such impossibility. 

7. Changes 

As technology and our services advance, we will also adapt our Privacy Policy. Whenever we do, we will post the new version, which will indicate the date of the revision. If you believe it is necessary, you may ask us for the most current version of our Privacy Policy by other means. In any event, you should check this page regularly to learn more about the status of this Privacy Policy. 

8. Contact Us 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, or our Personal Data collection and use practices, or a possible Personal Data or privacy violation or breach, you may contact us by clicking here.