What is to be ahead of its time?

To Viseu Advogados, to be ahead of its time means to be a cutting-edge, bold, innovative and entrepreneurial law firm.

Such features have been permeating our activities for 25 years, for very clear purposes: to be close to our client, to learn their business, to understand their needs, and to foresee solutions.

Viseu Advogados allies experience with innovation to employ a management model whose main pillar is the partnership with the client, with technical expertise and economic effectiveness.

Our professionals are focused on building a close and lasting relationship of trust with the client: this way of being, acting and thinking is our differential.

Thus, the client feels that the solutions proposed by our firm are reliable, and their demands are met by means of applying a modern vision of Law, aligned with the future of businesses.

We adopt innovative legal concepts, creative strategies and state-of-the-art technology to tackle and overcome the most complex challenges and disputes.

To Viseu Advogados, the attorney of the future is not a mere provider of legal services, but rather a strategic business partner.

We are always looking for innovations in order to make Law more effective and focused on our clients business.





Viseu Advogados’ team deserves recognition for the great work that has been done. From the beginning, they sought to understand the profile of iCarros in order to provide a plan compatible with our needs and expectations.

The concern with the quality of deliveries and good service also deserve to be highlighted. It is undoubtedly a great opportunity for iCarros to improve its internal controls.

Philippe Hon Guimarães


We have worked with Viseu Advogados for at least 5 years and during our journey the partnership has always been a differential. With great professionals and digital tools, process management has become uncomplicated. The availability and commitment of all professionals to understand the needs of the company has always stood out among the other activities practiced with excellence. We want to thank the partnership and congratulate the firm for these 25 years of trajectory.

Marina Baladan Spiero


As a lawyer for approximately 20 years at Granero Transportes Ltda., I managed to form a great partnership with Viseu Advogados, which has already collaborated a lot for the success of numerous demands. Currently, I still provide a few legal services to this memorable carrier, but I am advocating directly with the company G-Inter Transportes Ltda., and keep on maintaing the same partnership highlighted, in view of the total confidence in the work developed and transparency in decision making. Congratulations to the entire team of Viseu Advogados for its 25 years, for the respect, trust and dedication to all the challenging requests, although with a conservative vision, which I usually do for each term carefully analyzed together, whose partnership ends up transforming into positive conclusions to the work developed.

Daniela Acaui

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