How to access the Metaverse

Installing Altspace VR

  • Download Altspace VR in your device.
  • Click in “Get”, and you will be directed to the Micorsoft Store.

  • Click in “Acquire” to start the app download. After installing (443Mb), click in “Play” to open Altspace VR or

  • Search for the Altspace VR app in your device.

  • By clicking in “ACCEPT”, you agreed to the app terms and conditions. It’s NOT NECESSARY to “Allow” the app to send MS diagnostic data.
  • Click in “Sign In” to log with your account.

  • Select “Sign In With Microsoft”. You can use your MS account or, create a new one to access the Metaverse. Only personal accounts are allowed (Microsoft is working to allow the use of business accounts in near future).

  • Already logged in Altspace, click in “Enter code” and type “TCH432”. Click “Enter” twice and you will be directed to our Metaverse Office.


 VISEU office in Metaverse