Diversity and Inclusion


The highly relevant social agenda of Diversity and Inclusion has become increasingly present in discussions and corporate strategies, with the thematic committees and the People and Culture team being the main agents responsible for promoting empathy, sensitization, awareness and debates about minority groups. 

We want to be part of this change, so we recently created the Diversity & Inclusion Committee and our Viseu4All program, working on the proposition and implementation of actions that influence and effectively foster diversity in the workplace. 

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee emerged with the goal of promoting empathy, awareness and debate about minority groups. In our first year we produced many quality contents, brimming with emotion. But we strive to go even further. We want to go into action, to see the seeds that have been planted flourish and to sow many more. The challenge is substantial, but the will to make it happen is just as substantial.  

Currently, our committee is composed of our interns Maria Eduarda Scotton, Tiffany Penella and Vitor Hugo Faustino, our associates Julia Domiciano and Naara Celestino, and the members of the People and Culture team, Ana Ligia Guimarães and Thais Barbosa. 

Our purpose: to make a difference in the lives of many people! 

Join us! 


Our latest flagship and newest challenge is to expand opportunities for inclusion of professionals aged 50+ in the firm, in our projects at clients and in society as a whole. 

When we talk about age discrimination, we try to discourage the overvaluation of the "young professional" as the best option or hiring strategy, after all, aging is part of the natural cycle of life and the expertise acquired over years of work by these professionals can contribute greatly to the development of our business. 


We work to raise our professionals' awareness in order to build and maintain an emotionally safe environment, respecting individuality and fighting any form of prejudice or discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender identity. 



Our support for the matter of gender equality is represented by a predominantly female team, composed of 75% women. This representation is also reflected in leadership positions, whether in the technical group (our partners and area coordinators) or the administrative group (our managers). 

We welcome the needs and particularities of individuals, providing a safe and respectful environment which spans beyond motherhood and position the women as the protagonists of their careers! 


We need to go beyond speech and awareness actions, implementing effective practices for the inclusion of black and brown professionals in our office and in all sectors of the economy. According to IBGE (2019), about 57% of the Brazilian population self-declares as "non-white", so why is this diversity not reflected in corporate environments?