• Opinions regarding tax proceedings resulting from applicable tax laws;
  • Preparation of formal consultancy regarding tax law construction before competent agencies;
  • Review of regularity of tax obligations;
  • Preventive advice in general;
  • Building and trade funding agreements within the scope of the Housing Funding System – SFH or the Real Estate Funding System – SFI;
  • Reduction of tax burden by means of special systems based on procedure streamlining;
  • Studies to reduce tax burden for which individuals and legal entities are liable, including review and suggestions for corporate reorganization;
  • Review and planning of operations of foreign corporations that seek to operate in the country;
  • Advice to recover tax credits;
  • Review of tax liabilities, aiming at adhering to installment plan and tax debt waiver programs, as well as submission of voluntary disclosure;
  • Advice to secure Municipal, State or Federal special systems or tax incentives for companies intending to establish themselves in States/Zones where such benefits are applicable;
  • Preparation and follow up of administrative procedures, both in the initial phase (Impugnment), and before judging panels (Administrative Appeals);
  • Preparation of briefs and oral arguments in trials in administrative courts;
  • Preparation of complaint briefs and follow up of tax lawsuits up to confirmation thereof as a res judicata;
  • Review of tax proceedings (administrative and legal) aiming at providing opinion regarding the benefits of waiving demands, including to adhere to tax installment plan programs and the like.


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