• Legal and business advisory and consulting services for companies in the market (developers, construction companies, investors, and realtors), aiming at legal structuring and development of miscellaneous real estate undertakings;
  • Customized service to individuals (nationals and foreigners) regarding real estate purchase and sale processes (urban, rural, or coastal);
  • Miscellaneous real estate agreements;
  • Real estate-equity, registration, and land tenure regularization for urban and rural properties. Preparation of formal consultancy regarding tax law construction to competent agencies;
  • Real estate development; condominium, shopping mall, trade center, hotel, and subdivision establishment and regulations;
  • Building and trade funding agreements within the scope of the Housing Funding System – SFH or the Real Estate Funding System – SFI;
  • Structuring of specialized transactions or atypical agreements, such as built to suit and sale and lease-back;
  • Real Estate Lease Agreements (residential, business, and industrial);
  • Studies, opinions, and consultancies;
  • Administration and management of real estate;
  • Succession planning with transfer of property;
  • Organization, regularization and availability of large-size estate.



  • Contractual obligations resulting from relationships involving property or negotiations within the real estate sphere;
  • In- and out-of-court proceedings regarding enforcement of contractual obligations, stoppage of building, action of continuing trespass;
  • Actions to recover possession in general (adverse possession, prohibitory injunction, maintenance and reinstatement of possession);
  • Neighborhood, consumer, and environmental law;
  • Defense of rights in public civil actions resulting from city planning issues;
  • Filing of actions resulting from tenancy relationship;
  • Procedures for administrative or judicial rectification of real estate registration.


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