• Legal management to guarantee the protection of assets of individuals, families and family businesses;
  • Technical opinion regarding the equity situation in relation to past acts and future projections, pointing out possible risks and planning suggestions;
  • Structuring of actions involving corporate, tax and real estate strategies for the transmission of assets to heirs and grantees;
  • Elaboration and follow-up of request for alteration of matrimonial property regimes;
  • Preparation of prenuptial agreements, civil union contracts, dating contracts, cancellations and establishment of family estate;
  • Preparation and monitoring of judicial and extrajudicial inventories, subdivision;
  • Elaboration and conduction of extrajudicial and judicial consensual or contentious divorces;
  • Elaboration and conduction of alimony actions, their revision and extinction;
  • Elaboration and conduction of child custody claims, and their specific precautions;
  • Elaboration of notary minutes or deeds of declaration about eventual incapacity situation or appointment of trustee;
  • Conduction of interdiction claims;
  • Paternity investigation actions;
  • Legal advice to collect the tax on Causa Mortis, Donation and Transmission (ITCMD).


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