• Establishment and liquidation of joint stock corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and special partnerships;
  • Associations and NGO;
  • Articles of incorporation, bylaws, corporate dissolutions;
  • Shareholders’/Quota-holders’ Agreements;
  • Preparation and attendance at shareholders and partners meetings;
  • Mergers, split-ups, consolidations;
  • Corporate disputes, administrative and litigation;
  • Acquisition of companies, joint ventures/partnerships;
  • Financial and capital markets – listing in stock market;
  • Receivables securitization;
  • Bank/investment funds in general;
  • Project finance;
  • Capital venture and private equity operation;
  • Agreements with foreign partners;
  • Governmental registrations;
  • Foreign investments in Brazil;
  • Corporate planning and reorganization;
  • Legal audit;
  • Managers’ and partners’ (shareholders or quota-holders) liability.




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