• Legal opinion on tax procedures arising from applicable tax legislation
  • Formulation of formal consultations for the interpretation of tax legislation with the competent bodies
  • Analysis of the conformity of tax obligations
  • Preventive consulting in general.
  • Contracts for financing construction and commercialization within the scope of the Housing Finance System – SFH or in the Real Estate Financing System – SFI
  • Reduction of the tax burden through special regimes based on reducing the bureaucracy of procedures
  • Studies to reduce the tax burden on individuals and companies, including analyses and suggestions for corporate reorganization
  • Analysis and planning of operations of foreign companies seeking to operate in the country
  • Assistance in the collection of tax credits
  • Analysis of tax liabilities with a view to adhering to installment programs and tax debts pardons, as well as filing a spontaneous complaint
  • Assistance in obtaining special regimes or Municipal, State and Federal tax incentives for companies that intend to settle in states/regions where such benefits are applicable.
  • Preparation and monitoring of administrative processes, both in the initial phase (Contest) and with the collegiate judging bodies (Administrative Appeals)
  • Elaboration of memorials and oral support in administrative courts
  • Preparation of petitions and monitoring of tax claims through final sentencing
  • Analysis of tax processes (administrative and judicial) with a view to giving an opinion on the benefits of withdrawing claims, including for adhering to tax and related installment programs.