• Legal and business advice and consultancy for companies in the real estate market (developers, construction companies, investors and real estate agencies), aiming at legal structuring and development of various real estate projects
  • Personalized service for individuals (national and foreign), in processes of acquisition or sale of property (urban, rural or coastal)
  • Real estate contracts in general
  • Property regularization, registration and land tenure regularization, in urban and rural properties. Formulation of formal consultations on the interpretation of tax legislation with competent bodies
  • Real estate development, condominium institution and convention, shopping centers, commercial centers, hotels and allotments
  • Contracts for financing construction and commercialization within the scope of the Housing Finance System – SFH or in the Real Estate Financing System – SFI
  • Structuring of specialized operations and atypical contracts, such as built to suit and sale and lease-back
  • Rental and Lease Contracts (residential, commercial and industrial)
  • Studies, opinions and consultations
  • Administration and management of real estate assets
  • Succession planning with property transfer
  • Organization, regularization and availability real estate


  • Contractual obligations arising from relationships involving real estate or real estate negotiations
  • Judicial and extrajudicial procedures related to the execution of contractual obligations, embargoes to construction and renovation works, action to terminate new construction or renovation works
  • Property actions in general (adverse possession, prohibitory ban, maintenance of possession and repossession)
  • Neighborhood, consumer and environmental rights
  • Defense of rights in public civil actions arising from urban issues
  • Proposition of actions arising from tenancy relations
  • Procedures for administrative or judicial rectification of property registration.