The area of Criminal Corporate Law deals with a wide range of demands of public and private criminal actions.

The increase in the legislation of criminal prosecution, as well as its public attention, now has a more direct impact on the activity of companies and the decision process of managers and directors.

Furthermore, technological advances demand the updating of criminal matters for digital and transnational crimes.

Thus, Viseu Advogados provides both advisory and litigation services, together with other specialties, allowing solutions and strategies that effectively ensure the legal security of companies.

  • Leniency agreement;
  • Criminal D&O;
  • Criminal Due Diligence;
  • Criminal Prosecution;
  • Misappropriation;
  • Crimes against the tax and economic order;
  • Digital Crimes;
  • Crimes against Honor;
  • Larceny and Receipt;
  • Forgery;
  • among others.