Business & Corporate Law

  • Drafting, analysis and review of Contracts, Contract Terminations, Terms and Agreements in general.
  • Preventive consulting in civil, contracts and corporate areas.
  • Incorporation and liquidation of joint stock and limited liability companies, as well as those enrolled under the Brazilian Simples Nacional regime and SCPs.
  • Legal support to Startups.
  • Elaboration and negotiation of Shareholders’ Agreements, Quotaholders’ Agreements, Stock Option Plans, Purchase and Sale of Ownership Interests, and Investment Agreements.
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganization, including merger, spin-off, incorporation and transformation of a company.
  • Acquisition of companies, joint ventures and partnerships.
  • Assistance in the preparation of Minutes of Meetings and Shareholders’/Quotaholders’ Meetings.
  • Succession planning.